Welcome to Adventure Calls to Us!

We are Mike and Kristi.  Our love for travel was instilled when we were just kids. We were always nomads in our hearts and luckily we found each other to travel together. Kristi and Mike are engineers whose jobs enable them to travel for work, both domestically and internationally. Mike and Kristi also travel often in their free time, exploring the area they live as well as the world. 


In this blog, we really hope to:

  1. Combine travel information from all over the web in 1 place

  2. Provide thorough instructions from point A to point B from experience and with pictures

  3. Inspire people to travel, see new cultures and have new experiences

  4. Share lessons learned to ease travel for others

  5. Compare the research on the internet and in guide books to real life experiences

In other words, we want to help you travel more seamlessly, spend less time doing research, and more time getting lost in a new place!

We may not be experts but between us, we've been to all the 50 states, the Caribbean, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, South America,  Japan, Mexico and Canada. We spend our free time researching travel, planning travel and traveling. We have a good idea what works for us, and maybe it will work for you too!

Help us!

If you have any suggestions on how to make the content better or more interesting, please feel free to message us! Also, don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for pictures of where we are and retweets of other great articles.



Originally from South Dakota, I was raised in beautiful Rapid City. Well it's more beautiful now than I ever remember it growing up. I got my engineering degree and moved to Utah to do something with it. Then Alaska. Then Toronto. I'm a lover of travel, of stupidly-good food, of craft beers and wine shared with friends, of DIY and of singing. 

Why I love to Travel:

My grandparents took me on their work trips all over the US and helped me to appreciate that what makes each place different and what makes each place beautiful.  I love to read about traveling, look at pictures of places around the world, and plan my next trip. It's thrilling to figure out how to get around a new destination, be understood in a different language, be mistaken for a different heritage, to meet new people, and to experience new things. 


He's a salty east coaster with a passion for living life by the seat of his ski pants. If you're not living life on the edge, you're taking up too much space.


Why Mike loves to Travel:

Mike and his family would spend spring months when he was in grade school driving around the country. As he got older, he spent winter months skiing the northeast and all over the west, and summers mountain biking. He loves doing new things, seeing new places, and above all, skiing or biking on new-to-him trails.