Betting on an Icy Break-up: How to Make the Winter More Interesting with the Nenana Ice Classic

Winters in Alaska can be brutal. “Tell us something we don’t know,” I can hear you saying. But it’s not the cold I struggled with. I got tired of the death grip that winter had on my world. I wasn’t able to go outside without 3 layers or more (cue the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man) and as cumbersome as this was, after I did get dressed to go somewhere, not many people were out. Winters got very lonely, not a good time to make friends and get involved in the community.

I found solace and trivial excitement in the tradition of the Nenana Ice Classic.


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Pancakes and Booze Art Show in Toronto

"So, do you think they're going to have REAL maple syrup or just that fake crap?" I asked Mike, a little whine entering my tone thinking of dry pancakes or even worse, someone putting fake syrup on FOR me. I shudder at the thought, giving Aunt Jemima maybe too much power over my evening. 

"I don't know. Probably not the good stuff," he answers, agreeing with my theatrical emphasis, also confused why real maple syrup isn't served when it's made right in this very province. 

"Let's bring some of our own," I say conspiratorially, and he agrees eagerly. 

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Things to do in Stowe, VT

We recently just spent a day in the little ski town of Stowe, VT. Although we were there on the last Alpine ski weekend, city and town people alike still crowded into the little town on Saturday, hoping to get in the last ski of the season. Luckily, flakes came down in big fat blobs on Friday, filling out the hill with a few feet of wet, slippery snow, cushioning the ice below, making the Alpine skiing a little more manageable.  

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7 Things You Must Do Before Moving to Alaska

In September of 2014, I was offered a position in Fairbanks, Alaska and Mike and I decided to take the adventure of a lifetime.

We visited once during the onsite interview in July, but we truly didn't know what we were in for. After some online searches, talking to friends and some plain-old winging it, we found a few important things to make sure you do if you move there.

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How to Act When You Go to Japan - Cultural Etiquette and other Practical Notes: EDITED

EDITED after the visit so you know what is real, what is useful, and what you can disregard ...

I was interested in putting this all in one easy-to-find place, so you'll only have to read 1 article instead of many. This is the research I did ahead of us going to Japan. Afterward (or during the trip) I will come back and mark which are useful and which were not.

Check out my post on One World 365 for more tips! 

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