The Absolute Minimum: What You Absolutely Need to Pack to Get By

the minimum you need to pack

I usually have great luck when it comes to checking bags, probably because I don't do it often. This time, I checked it out of pure laziness. I had a carry-on size bag. I didn't have anything that needed to be checked. But I was just TOO LAZY to take out my liquids. The ticket counter woman even asked me if I really needed to check it. I was in a bad mood - I just got back from vacation, I didn't want to leave my man and my dog behind, and it was a work trip. Who cares if something goes wrong? Turns out, I care. 

We had a tight connection in Miami, and the weather was bad in Brasilia, meaning they had to take on extra fuel, just in case. The extra fuel added extra weight, kicking off 15 people. If it wasn't a work trip, I would have spent the next day in Miami. But worried about perceptions, I stood diligently in line to get on the plane. 15 people accepted their generous offer of accommodations, meals and $1000, as well as getting on the flight the following day. I should have listened to my gut, the one that wanted to stay in Miami. I got on the plane, but my bag never did. It's still not here. And this is how I learned the least I need, the absolute minimum to get by, at least while on a work trip.

  1. a change of clothes: underwear, socks, pants, and a shirt
  2. a change of shoes: only because work requires close toed shoes 
  3. a toothbrush and toothpaste
  4. a hair tie
  5. soap, shampoo, and conditioner (luckily provided by the hotel)
  6. deodorant
  7. wallet, passport and credit cards
  8. phone and charger
  9. power adapter

*I also had my work computer (which was necessary because this was a work trip).

Yesterday I had to buy a change of clothes, I only had what I wore on the plane, which was thankfully appropriate and fairly wrinkle free - thanks Betabrand! - but things get funky after traveling for 18 hours. I'm a big fan of sink laundry as it affords you to carry less, but 1 set of clothes is a little too hard-core for me. 1 set to wash and 1 set to wear is a little more my speed. 

So until I see my bag again (it was in Argentina yesterday by mistake - it's more well-traveled than me!), I will be rocking the minimum.  Although, Ted Mosby still trumps me packing everything he needs in a fanny pack. Talk about hard-core. Anyone think they can do it with less? Or have some wild lost baggage stories? Tell me about them in the comments! :)

Let's get lost in lost baggage!