Betting on an Icy Break-up: How to Make the Winter More Interesting with the Nenana Ice Classic

Winters in Alaska can be brutal. “Tell us something we don’t know,” I can hear you saying. But it’s not the cold I struggled with. I got tired of the death grip that winter had on my world. I wasn’t able to go outside without 3 layers or more (cue the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man) and as cumbersome as this was, after I did get dressed to go somewhere, not many people were out. Winters got very lonely, not a good time to make friends and get involved in the community.

I found solace and trivial excitement in the tradition of the Nenana Ice Classic.


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7 Things You Must Do Before Moving to Alaska

In September of 2014, I was offered a position in Fairbanks, Alaska and Mike and I decided to take the adventure of a lifetime.

We visited once during the onsite interview in July, but we truly didn't know what we were in for. After some online searches, talking to friends and some plain-old winging it, we found a few important things to make sure you do if you move there.

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