Finding Hostel Adria, CAMARADERIE, and Sun-drenched pebble beaches outside of Split, Croatia


A page literally translated from my travel journal ... 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014, Split


Visited by my sister Amanda and her husband Brandon, my sister Steph and her (then) boyfriend Matt, and my boyfriend Mike and I


We woke up this morning in our couchette cabin on the train from Zagreb. The train was full of young backpackers heading to the coast. We got our things and got off the train around 7 am. We asked the woman selling bus tickets to the airport where bus 60 to Omnis was and she told us where to meet it. We found the bus after a little confusion, bought tickets from the driver. After 20-30 minutes, several questions to the other passengers, google maps and re-reading all the directions again, we found our stop in at Hostel Adria in Bajnice, outside of Split. The hostel was very poorly marked and we weren't sure we were in the right spot until a lady from the balcony across the street (turns out OUR balcony) yelled to go down the stairs and turn left. The hostel main room opened right onto the sea and had a little diving board and ladder. We checked in and waited while she entered all of our passport info to go find the market and a restaurant. We found a restaurant first so we sat down for a meal (late morning, so maybe lunch or breakfast). I had coffee and chocolate crepes while Mike had wiener schnitzel. Then we went to the market to pick up some groceries for dinner and some beer and wine. We came back to the hostel and dropped off the food, changed into our swim suits and hit a beach just down the coast. The coast was dotted every few meters with docks and some had small row boats at them. The "beaches" were very rocky or had sharp gravel so they weren't overly comfortable. We laid on a gravely beach and played in the water for a while until around 2 pm when our room was ready. Then we gathered up our bags and went across the street from the hostel to another building to our room. The 3 story stair climb (which had at this point become a bit of a norm for us and large rooms) was worth it for the balcony and the view of the Adriatic Sea. We could also see the island of Brac very close with its lights. We all showered and napped for a while - the sun is tiring and we were all a little pink (ok, some more than others ...). We got up and took our things down to the kitchen around 8 pm and Amanda, Steph and I started cooking dinner. We made an alfredo sauce with bowtie pasta, spinach, and chicken with a big loaf of bread and a bottle of wine. I think it was a much-envied dinner among the other hostelers. We cleaned up and sat on the dock drinking wine, singing and just goofing around until we decided to turn in.

This was my favorite day in Split and our hostel, Hostel Adria, was in an amazing spot. I highly recommend it!