How Americans can tell you're Canadian (and will totally call you out on it)

how Americans can tell you're Canadian


One of these things is not like the others  ... 

Americans are maybe not the most observant culture. But we can tell if people are from away and will totally call you on it, even if you don't offer the information.

I know instantly if someone is from Canada when they start saying words with long O's or long A's. But then again, I'm sure you figured out I don't belong in Canada either, doncha know?


The Instant Signs You're Canadian

  1. You end your sentences with "eh?" (and you don't even know you do it)
  2. The first part of "progress" rhymes with go
  3. Pasta rhymes with canasta
  4. It's a washroom, not a bathroom or a restroom
  5. You went to summer camp in grade 8 (not 8th grade)
  6. You went to university instead of college
  7. You speak French 
  8. Poutine is a magical food you can't find ANYWHERE in the US or anyone that even knows what you're talking about
  9. Sorry rhymes with lorry, and it just slips out. ALL.  THE.  TIME
  10. You hate our chocolate and that we call chocolate bars candy bars
  11. Z is pronounced "zed"
  12. Hockey
  13. We really have no idea about the other's geography other than the general location
  14. Beanies are toques
  15. Milk can come in a bag
  16. You look for coins when things are less than two dollars
  17. You prefer Caesars to Bloody Marys

I'm just kidding, we love our great neighbors to the North (and I'm glad they're letting me live here for a while!). I am so grateful to have great Canadian friends, coworkers, neighbors and commuter buddies :) 

What do Americans do (specifically when they move to Canada) that makes it obvious we aren't Canadian??