Visiting Minas Gerais Brazil in February


The city I stay in - how beautiful are these colors?


Even while I plan for our coming trip to Japan, I still have to work ... But the most excellent thing is that I get to travel for work! Which is pretty amazing. I will refrain from actually discussing my work (for privacy for both my company and myself). 

But! I will tell you that I do travel to Brazil for 2 weeks at a time about every 6 weeks. It's an amazing place. Here are few things I've learned since being here

  • Brazilians like to talk, joke and have a lot of general camaraderie. It's so fun to be around :)
  • When seeing each other for the first time in the morning, everyone gets a separate "Bom Dia" - pronounced b-oh-n jee-ah - and a handshake. or if you're friendly, a hug and a kiss on the cheek, although it's more of a sound than actually touching your cheek
  • Following bom dia, or in place of bom dia they ask  - tudo bem? is everything good? which you answer tudo bem - too-toh b-aye-m (definitely lacking some phonetics here, but you get it)

There are a lot of guides out there for Portugues phrases. I am not loyal to anything in particular, there are so many good ones and it depends on how much you want to learn. 

  • The weather here is beautiful! I usually visit Minas Gerais and if it's not raining, it's really pleasant. I've never worn more than sandals, capris, a tank and maybe a light sweater (I run cold).
  • The food - a lot of people think of Brazilian steakhouses, and that definitely exists, but for lunch and dinner, the most common staple is rice and beans. at every meal. 
  • Pao de queijo - cheese bread with casava flour. Just do it. I can't tell you what one of these tastes like fresh out of the oven. You have to experience it! (the stale ones can be terrible though, so be picky about your source).
  • The traffic here is sort of intimidating - everyone drives like they're the only one on the road. I know, you think, that's how we drive in my hometown, but seriously. I don't drive here, but I don't know if I would. The road the taxi takes me to to the city I work from Brasilia is a very dangerous road - there are a ton of accidents, which isn't surprising the way the speed and pass large trucks with no visibility. I try not to look.

  • Minas Gerais is a great place for rocks, gems and jewelry! It's affordable and beautiful. 


my beautiful long necklaces made of rock and coral are perfect for the office!

Ignore the stupid look on my face ... 

how pretty is this rock clustered necklace!


Let's get lost in Brazilian culture!