Why I Want to Write a Travel Blog

why do i want to write a travel blog

I've been struggling.

I mean, this is not unusual, I think the human condition is to struggle. As well as my normal condition. But I digress. I've specifically been struggling to understand why anyone would want to read MY blog instead of the 1,000,000's of other travel blogs out there. What do I have that they don't? What's in it for you?? So here I am, lining it out for both of us.


Why do I want to blog about travel?

I love to travel. This is easy to say, and I’m sure many people say it. But I seriously LOVE to travel. I love every aspect about it. I love to read about travel, about places to visit, about different cultures. My heart rate speeds up, my palms get sweaty, I get butterflies in my stomach. It’s true love, people. I was on a plane from the time I was just 1 years old, we flew to Alaska, stopping at the Vancouver World’s Fair in 1986.

(photograph courtesy of Phil Karasick -- Animation by Bobbea Studios)

(photograph courtesy of Phil Karasick -- Animation by Bobbea Studios)


I remember very little about that trip to be honest. But as I grew up, my sisters and I took turns traveling domestically with my grandparents as they jet around the country twice a year for work conferences. I was able to visit New Mexico, Washington DC, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New York, and Virginia, all by the time I graduated high school. We went on so many road trips, I’ve lost count. And family vacations to Hawaii, Missouri, Florida, the Caribbean … They taught me to appreciate the differences, that it’s the differences that make someplace beautiful. I learned to appreciate the history, how people used to live, why people settled where they did. I truly and honestly believe that each place has its own beauty, its own pull, its own culture. I learned to love public transit and still feel a thrill learning how to get around. When I went to college I was always encouraged to leave home, explore the world, get to know myself. I ended up staying in South Dakota for college, but moved to Utah upon graduation, knowing no one in Utah, but that never scared me. I learned early on to entertain myself, try things by myself, and have become incredibly independent. I travel alone a lot now, even internationally, and have no problems asking for help, and figuring out where I want to go.

But beyond grandparents that I inherited this travel bug from, I’m a normal person. We didn’t have a lot of money (in fact, we were not even well-off, I would categorize my family as lower middle class), and I didn’t have anything handed to me. I saved up money to visit places, to pay my way, to buy souvenirs. I don’t have a trust fund, I didn’t grow up rich, I don’t know anyone in the travel industry, I don’t have any advantages over anyone else that loves to travel. I have worked since I was 14, paid for my own college education, and saved enough to take the trips I want to take.

What I’m trying to say is, I love to travel, but I’m just a normal person. I work a normal job and I don’t get paid to travel. I pay to travel, just like anyone.

Why should you read my blog?

I am a normal person who saves money to travel the world. I have a normal job I work every day. Because of this, I want to share with you how I travel, what I see, and how I manage to travel, despite not being rich or famous or have loads of free time.

Here are my blog goals:

1.      Combine my travel research of many websites into one convenient place

2.     Compare the research found on many websites to reality

i.e. did what they tell me to do work? Or can we do this better?

3.      Find easier/better ways to do things, get places, or things to skip

I hate it when a website says you “can’t miss this!” and it turns out to be a dud!

4.      Packing lists!

There are a lot of people out there that do this, but I find that packing is so personal. And how honest are some of those packing lists out there, anyway?

5.      Inspire people to get out there and try new things!

I love honest reviews and something I can relate to

6.      Share things I’ve learned during travel

This is where things could get ugly. I fail. A lot. I bring too much. I bring too little. I search for hours for a public bathroom in Paris. Or even worse, I get sick. Or (God forbid) menstruate and wasn’t prepared. I will share details, and I’m not afraid to get ugly.

7.      Ask for help!

Maybe you’ve figured something out that I haven’t. Please don’t let a girl struggle … help me out!

I hope clearly stating my blog goals have helped you figure out What’s In It For You? But just in case …

What’s In It For You?

1.      Less web/book research, just 1 go-to reference guide

2.      Actual, practical tips from someone who did it the hard way

3.      Complete instruction guides on how to get from one place to another (with pictures!)

4.      Pretty pictures to inspire you to visit new places

5.      Learn from my mistakes

6.      Make ugly travel times a little less ugly (from practical experience)


So if this sounds like something you’re into, awesome. I am happy to have you on board :)

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As always, thanks for reading and I truly hope what I share can be useful to someone.

Let’s get lost in travel!