How to get from MIA Miami International Airport to Miami Beach

how to get from mia to miami beach

On the way back from Brazil, I have a long layover in Miami, which I often do when I fly American Airlines between YYZ (Toronto) to BRA (Brasilia). I made it a little longer this time, to stay for the weekend to enjoy my time in the sun a little longer. However, I could not for the life of me find a decent, full set of directions on how to get there from the airport. 

So, I documented it and here's officially how you do it, from getting off the plane to arriving at the beach. You are going to take the metrobus 150, the airport flyer, that goes down Collins ave. on this route. It will cost you $2.65. You must have an Easy ticket or exact change.

1. Get off the plane

I was coming from an international flight, so it might be different scenery on the domestic side, but I think the instructions are still the same. I exited on level 1. 

1a. Go through passport control   

if you're flying internationally

1b. Collect your bags

if you have any

1c. Freshen up in the bathroom and spill toothpaste on your shirt

Kristi with toothpaste on her shirt

1d. Get cash at the ATM

I always seem to forget to get cash, but it's nice to have a little just in case. There's an ATM on level 1 and level 2 (I checked).

2. Find the sign that says MIA mover to: rental car center, metrorail, and metrobus

sign to MIA mover in MIA airport

3. Go up stairs, the escalator or the elevator to level 3, as suggested by the sign.  

psychadelic sign to MIA mover in MIA airport

4. Keep following the signs to the rental car center.  

5. Get on the train to the rental car center  

sign to MIA mover in MIA airport

6. Ride the train (c'mon baby) 

MIA mover train to the rental car center

7. Follow the signs to the metrobus.  

go right ...  

8. Buy an easy ticket

Either one way or round trip, one way costs 2.65 and will accept cash or credit.

easy ticket

9. Go down the stairs  

metrobus sign at rental car center

10. Immediately turn left for bus 150

bus 150 airport flyer to miami beach and south beach in bay 10

11. Wait for the bus.  

It comes about every 20 minutes. 

12. Ride the bus

Sorry for the awkward pic of a lady's head ...  

13. Get off the bus 

I read online that you don't have to worry about finding your stop because they announce it. THAT WAS NOT THE CASE WITH THE BUS I WAS ON. I luckily didn't trust any advice I read, and paid attention to the stops - which they didn't make unless requested!! So, I watched my map and when I got past the stop before mine (check the map in the link at the top!) I pulled the cord and got off. I got off on Indian road and 29th street, where the Hilton I was staying at was. It was about a 3 minute walk and then 1 block away from the beach, which stretches the length of the island. So anyplace you get off here would work.

14. Go to the beach!  

Miami beach

If you have any questions or suggestions on how I can make this better, please let me know. I want this to be easy, no questions asked. The whole process took me about an hour, but I did arrive on Friday morning during rush hour, so if you're here earlier or later than rush hour, or you hit the bus schedule better than I did, I could see it being a shorter amount of time. 

These yelp reviews weren't bad either, but without pictures I just never knew if I was on the right track.

Let's get lost at Miami Beach!