13 things to do when you go to 1,000 islands in Ontario

Are there really 1000 islands? And what constitutes and island anyway? According to Wikipedia ... 

"To count as one of the Thousand Islands, emergent land within the river channel must have at least one square foot (0.093 m2) of land above water level year-round, and support at least two living trees."

Besides counting the islands, there are at least 13 other enjoyable activities to try out.

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We ate in awkward silence for many minutes, trying to ignore the desire to connect. She started playing with her phone and I suddenly felt cut off, technology putting up yet another wall between us. But instead, she expectantly turned her phone to face me, turning it back to herself once more before I could see, double checking what she was showing me. In the translator app on her phone, she had typed “Has someone told you you are beautiful?”

With one translator app, she tore down the barriers between us as if they were nothing but curtains.

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Do These Ridiculously Easy 7 Steps to Make Friends Before and While You Travel

Making friends is undoubtedly harder the older we get. But friends make life last longer. Literally. An Australian study found the survival time of older people with a circle of friends significantly enhanced. Harvard showed that a large social network provided a protective influence on cognitive function. So really, it’s not only a fun way to travel, but healthy too. One of the best ways to make friends is to find something in common. Traveling in itself is already something in common with fellow travelers. Using that jumping off point and these handy tips, get ready to meet people, find new travel buddies, and make lasting friendships!

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The 11 Most Popular Travel Books to Inspire You

As I was reading through the many web articles listing the most inspiring travel books, I became more and more struck with the vast differences in each list and the sheer volume of books that exist about travel. Everyone has a story, and many of those stories are about travel; each traveler committed to self-discovery, enlightenment, and adventure. Maybe you may have heard of these books before (or seen the movies) so the synopses below are somewhat simplified. Check out the top 11 most popular books to inspire travel, wanderlust, and the search for happiness.

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American Landmarks that may have never been

To recognize a landmark is to be able to navigate through a city, drive across a country or sail on a sea. Landmarks can direct, attract, indicate, and symbolize an area, established to mark the boundaries of a kingdom or estate in the 16th century. City skylines can be well-known landmarks; who can forget the shape of the Space Needle in Seattle or the height of the Sears tower on the Chicago skyline? Landmarks can also be of a purely natural state, like the great Redwood trees of California or Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. In United States, there are several famous American landmarks, common backdrops to anything authentically American, that show the grit and resolve of the American people, that almost never were.

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Eating Like a Cuban in Miami's Little Havana

In Bello’s Cigar Shop in Little Havana, I admire the largest cigar I have ever seen with the appreciative gaze of one who values a fine art, as a hand rolled cigar is clearly art, regardless of the size.

“Is it real?” a tour participant asks the tour guide. “Can you smoke it?” he pushes playfully as only an American can think to derive pleasure from the destruction of something that undoubtedly took days or weeks to create.

“Yes of course it’s real. They made it to smoke the day Fidel Castro died.” She said with a certain distaste as she spoke Castro’s name that was distinct even with her strong Siberian accented English. “When he died, they had a big celebration in the streets here in Little Havana. They took the cigar out to smoke it, but they didn’t smoke the whole thing. That’s too much!” She laughed, a clear twinkle of pride in her eye. “My husband is Cuban,” She explained.

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